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Stable versions:

    0.3 Changes since 0.28:
  • configuration is now saved just before quiting. It helps to avoid some problems
  • SAPer will no longer crash when You pause a song and try to load another one
  • small improvements of main window's GUI have been made
  • unnecessary files have been removed from src package
  • SAPer now uses version 2.17 of STILView. For more information click here
saper-0.3-src.tar.bz2 [282 KB] - ready to compile under most Linux-based systems.
saper-0.3-win32.zip [1513 KB] - ready to run under Windows.

If You are looking for RPMs You should check this site.

Unstable versions:

    0.35 Changes since 0.3:
  • as usual some bugs were eliminated
  • saper now prints some error messages to stderr
  • more common error messages are shown in dialog boxes
  • the "STILView" button now changes its look when STIL information is avaible
  • ALSA support
  • tooltips in main window show information about buttons and texts contained by labels (useful when text doesn't fit)
  • different behavior of saptune selector - when closed it no more changes current directory to the ASMA's root, there's a special button provided for that purpose
  • the code has been optimized for QT 3.x, version 2.x is no more supported
  • many (most?) parts where rewritten - now it is a real open-source :-)
  • at the moment saper no longer uses automake/autoconf (this is hopefully going to change in next stable release)
saper-0.35-src.tar.bz2 [64 KB] - ready to compile under most Linux-based systems.