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Welcome to SAPER's Home Page. Saper is a free, open-source Atari SAP player for Linux and Windows. It uses QT to build its user interface, it's easy to use, fast and flexible ;-). Some of its main features are: QThread usage (in Linux version), fully functional STIL support and Drag'n'Drop support. SAPER also makes possible to fast-forward and rewind songs. It's always under development :-) but it's already highly useable. If You are tired of using wine everytime You want to listen to great Draconus - this is a program for You :-). It's also a nice alternative for all console players like penguinsap, sapplay or dsap.

See files section for latest downloads, and credits for info about stuff I made use of.

Current version (stable/unstable): 0.3/0.35


Last update: 7.09.2004